Характеристики - Misumi Misumi, Waterproof, Single-Lever Hood (Straight)

Waterproof connector hood, which can be incorporated in connectors of each series, depending on the number of pins.Fully compatible with leading connector manufacturers!Attachment and detachment of the mating connector is performed with a single lever operation on the base side, so it can be inserted and removed easily.There are 3 models of mating joints: a 1-lever model base panel, a relay hood model, and a relay base model.Use cable Зажимыs for the cable outlets to retain the waterproof function.The cable Зажимы and blank cap are M screw model.
Connector ShapeSquare TypeG·H·IHeavy dutyProtection function (environmentally resistant)IP65
Representative StandardCE

У данной серии продукции есть следующие артикулы:
  • M1FS-06-06BT
  • M1FS-10-10BK
  • M1FS-10-10BT
  • M1FS-16-16BK
  • M1FS-16-16BT
  • M1FS-24-24BK-M25
  • M1FS-24-24BK-M32