Характеристики - Misumi MISUMI Waterproof Connector, Waterproof Cable Зажимы

Low price M thread waterproof Зажимы.Holds cables and displays waterproof capacity when mounted to a hood or the cable outlet of a relay pedestal.Perfectly compatible with major connector manufacturers.The internal diameter of the part for passing the cable through can be adjusted by turning the external ring.Silver plated· Confirm that the M thread size is the same for mounting before purchasing.
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  • Зажимы-M20-0408
  • Зажимы-M20-0610
  • Зажимы-M20-0812
  • Зажимы-M20-1215
  • Зажимы-M25-1216
  • Зажимы-M25-1619
  • Зажимы-M32-1620
  • Зажимы-M32-2024
  • Зажимы-M32-2426
  • Зажимы-M40-2428
  • Зажимы-M40-2832