Характеристики - Misumi EH Connector Contact 100 Pieces Per Package

This is a female (socket) contact for socket housings only.Manufacturer: J.S.T. Mfg. Co., LtdQuantity: 100 pcs. / pack. Please note.Perform crimping with the recommended special tools.Cannot be used for anything other than EH connectors.Use the applicable wire size after checking.
D· E· FEHProtection function (environmentally resistant)N/ACompatible Wire AWG Size30 ~ 22
Contact ShapeFemaleInsulation Coating OD(mm)1.0 ~ 1.9
This page is EH Connector Contact, part number BEH-001T-P0.6.You can find the detail information about and dimensions on part number BEH-001T-P0.6.
У данной серии продукции есть следующие артикулы:
  • BEH-001T-P0.6